Educating customers with Illustrations for Love Your Limbic

The Mission
The objective was to redesign the store, enhancing usability and educating the customers on the benefits of the products.

The Challenge

In order to achieve our goals, we needed to go deeper into the brand identity so that we could create illustrations that made sense to them and their customers.

The Outcome

We improved branding and redesigned their store, delivering it with all assets and specifications so that it could be built by their internal team.


Los Angeles
Taking care of the brain, body and soul.

When the client contacted us, she worked for a while in their store, but she felt that people weren't connecting enough with the message she wanted to pass across.

The brand mission is to help people relieve stress, prevent burnout, and thrive—while deepening the connections between the head and heart. Not only providing products that help you but most importantly educating the public into knowing more about the importance of taking care of yourself and enhance your well-being.

UI UX Design

With those pieces in place, Love Your Limbic have enough material to educate their customers and from that, provide value delivering selected products that can help and improve their lives.

So our approach was to give a revamp on the brand identity and finding a graphic style that is modern, clean, and at the same time scientific and professional.

new revamped logo
The redesign of the brand was made to make it look simple and more straight to the point. The typo is all low-case to read as honest and intimate. The colors had a small tweak, darkening the blue, and just use the salmon-pink pastel as an accent. This image set the tone for the rest of the graphic builds made afterward.

To explain what the limbic system is about and other details of the messaging, our designers created illustrations that are easy to follow as educational pieces on the site.

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