Redesigning Cellar Door Plants for better conversions

The Mission
When we first talked to Cellar Door Plants, they were taking their home made Shopify store to the limit. In order to be more competitive and scale, they needed a solid brand identity and a new Shopify store to be better equipped for growth.

The Challenge

Since they sell plants, the main challenge was finding the right positioning and Identity compared to their competitors.

The Outcome

We were able to rebrand their business and build them a new redesigned store. After we launched the new site, they had really good growth over the 6 months after launch and continue to grow each month.

6 months later
Sales Increase
Conversion Rate Increase
Rebranding Stage

The first stage was to rethink their brand identity. This involved competitor, customer and visual research to find out how to better position their brand in a way that stood out and looked professional.

For this we changed their Logo, their color palette, typography and messaging. The results are as follows:
UI UX Design

After we had the brand book completed the next natural step was to create the design of the store. Our approach is to use a base theme to leverage complex features. We work with themes whenever we need to prioritize timeline and budget over a whole customized experience.

For this specific project we did a wireframing phase before applying the styles and consolidating a high fidelity design.

For the product page specifically, we created an educational section called 'Care Tips' as a summary of how to care for that plant. This section links to a content page made to explain the care of those plants with more in depth expertise. Since the information changes from product page to product page, we used metafields to allow their team to update that information at will.

side by side comparison of wireframe and high fidelity
One of the most decisive factors of purchasing a houseplant is its toxicity to pets and children. For this reason we decided to showcase that information as an icon at the top of the page. The idea is that by using product tags we can display the icon while keeping the filtering ability in the collection pages.

After all it's said and done, we launched the new site. They had amazing growth over the 6 months after launch and continue to grow each month in incredible fashion.

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